Our History


In the heart of Morriston, amid the ever growing concrete jungle of Swansea, lies a treasure trove of history and adventure. This is the story of the 20th Swansea (1st Morriston) Scout Group, a tale that spans over a century, filled with courage, camaraderie, and the spirit of exploration.
In the year 1907, the great Sir Robert Baden-Powell had set foot in Swansea, bringing with him a vision that would ignite the flames of curiosity and courage in generations to come. He delivered a lecture on "Scouting for Boys," a call to arms that resonated deeply with the locals. Inspired by his words, several troops sprang to life, laying the foundation for an adventurous journey.

By 1914, there were seven troops in Swansea District and twenty in West Glamorgan County, boasting a total of 525 brave souls. The scouting movement flourished even during the trying times of World War I, where scouts actively contributed to various patriotic causes, assisting the police, hospital services, and local farmers.

Morriston Scouts Founder

Morriston is the oldest Scout Group in Swansea that has been continously run since 1915

Founding of Morriston Scouts

In the midst of this thriving scouting community, the 20th Swansea (1st Morriston) Scout Group emerged in 1915, founded by the indomitable Frank Powell.
The group's first rendezvous was the Libanus School Room in Morriston, where young adventurers gathered to explore the great outdoors, learn essential life skills, and forge unbreakable bonds.

Morriston Scouts Moves to Bath Road

After the tumultuous years of World War II, the group found a new home on Bath Road, with Griff James leading the charge as Cub Scout Leader and later as Scout Leader.
Eventually Hywel Weaver took the mantle as Group Scout Leader, guiding the troop through exciting expeditions and remarkable achievements.
In 1961, the group proudly inaugurated a new headquarters in Solva Road, Clase, a place where countless memories and friendships would be forged over the years.

Morriston Scout Hall

The Final Move to Solva Road

The building itself has a storied history. Initially a single hut, it welcomed scouts with open arms in 1961. However, the troop grew, and so did the need for space. A second hut was added, and the scouting community thrived for several decades.
Recent times brought challenges as Hywel Weaver entered old age. Efforts were made to import an experienced Group Scout Leader from Canada, but was prevented due to family commitments.
In 2017, the leadership was passed on to Debbie Whyte, who, along with her husband Philip Whyte, has been maintaining the Group. Philip has been a Scout Leader at Morriston since 2009.

The Next Chapter Awaits...

So, venture forth, explorer, into the untold story of adventure, where Morriston Scout Hall stands as a beacon of hope and discovery for generations yet to come. For in the heart of Morriston, the spirit of scouting lives on, ready to inspire the next generation of young adventurers to boldly tread the path less traveled.