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Whatever your background, identity or ability, there’s a volunteer spot with your name on it.

Being a Scout volunteer leader is like embarking on a wild expedition through life's rugged terrain. It's about igniting the flame of adventure in young hearts, teaching them invaluable skills, and showing them the way in the great outdoors. But remember, it's not just for the wilderness experts; Scouts need a whole tribe of volunteers.

You Don't Have to be Bear Grylls to Volunteer!

Whether you're a seasoned survivalist or someone who's simply keen to pitch in by washing dishes or tidying up camp, your role is vital. Scouting is about teamwork, and every hand that helps, every voice that encourages, makes a world of difference.

Why Bear Grylls wants you in Scouts

Why we all want you in Scouts

Scouts thrive on teamwork and community spirit, and every small effort contributes to shaping the leaders of tomorrow. It's a fulfilling journey where you not only watch young Scouts bloom but also discover the leader within yourself, all while being part of a remarkable Scout family.


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